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From the Desk of: Affiliate Marketer
Tuesday 4:00 PM


Dear Friend,

Are you feeling the agony that comes with being the victim of your cheating partner?  You know… the horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach that never goes away.

Sometimes you can’t eat.  You lie when people ask you “How’s it going?”  You feel like you’re being taken advantage of… your sadness often turns to rage…

… Then you find yourself pulling out your hair in frustration or biting your nails in anticipation every time your partner is “out” somewhere.  You’re feeling violated, like there is no trust left.  Everything you thought was good is seemingly gone. 

You sense that there is a control over you… like you’re being dominated by this ugly force that sucks away your happiness like a dry hungry sponge in a tiny puddle of water. 

… The truth is that you’re not alone. 

I experienced the same thing not too long ago.  In just a minute, I’ll share with you my story and how I eventually overcame things… and how you can take back your happiness and self-confidence.

… But first

I wanted to share a staggering truth with you because I want try to help you back to happiness.


FACT: It Takes The Average Victim Of An Affair Up To 4 Years... Before They Get Through It… Whether You Stay Married Or Not!


Now when I heard that I decided to take action… and search for the real answers out there. 

Trying to remove my emotions from the situation was hard… there’s no denying that. 

… But I had to do it. 

My experience came with the sleepless nights and the never ending questions…

-> Why did this happen?

-> What did I do wrong?

-> Will I ever really be happy     again?

… Some days I could hardly eat.  I lost focus at work and interest in literally all the things enjoyed.

The experience literally consumed me… I was miserable… and I was feeling like I had been totally taken advantage of! 

I started to ask myself…

1) Do I throw him out?

2) Will it just heal itself with time? 

3) Is the trust forever lost?


I’m sure you can relate to some of those questions.

See, I was looking for a way to get my life back… and be happy again.


… That’s When I Decided To Stop Feeling Like The Victim And Grab Control Of The Situation By The Neck. 


So I took my search online to really find the answers to those questions. 

There was a lot of hype and fluff out there with different people claiming to be experts and able to help me out.  It was questionable what they were really providing for value and if they had any real-life experience helping people in my situation.

I wondered if there was really anyone I could trust.

There were little bits and pieces of information here and there that were somewhat helpful but nothing really solid.

… Then I found it!


I Came Across An Amazing Resource… That Made All The Difference!


I found a gentleman online by the name of Dr. Huizenga.  With over 20+ years experience in helping people… just like us… Dr. Huizenga has studied, researched, and consulted with thousands of people who are experiencing the agony of dealing with an affair…

… And he teaches you how to break free from the affair.

The first thing I learned from Dr. Huizenga was…


The Affair Is Not Your Fault… And Never Was!


Even though I knew what my partner was doing was wrong… I have to admit that I sometimes had feelings of guilt creep up on me. 

I would find myself subconsciously thinking back to what I may have said or done. 

… That’s the WRONG THING to do!

The truth is that it’s not your fault and understanding why it’s not is the first step toward breaking free from the whole mess.

Once you understand this, the next thing Dr. Huizenga teaches you is…


How You Should Answer The Most Important Question You Must Ask Yourself…


And that question is: Do I really want to be married to (or in a relationship with) this person anymore?

It’s not the quick response you may have answered before… and it’s so crucial you answer it using Dr. Huizenga’s proven method.  Doing so will truly bring a new meaning to your answer so that you can feel totally confident with it.


… Next, You Discover How To Avoid The Major Pitfalls 95% Of Affair Victims Make!


This made a real difference for me and helped to get the whole situation figured out quickly so that I was able to gain back my freedom, happiness and confidence faster than I ever thought possible.

… Now you can access Dr. Huizenga’s advice… without spending a fortune!

Dr. Huizenga sat down and mind mapped everything he goes through with his clients… then he wrote it all out into an easy-to-understand format... that gives you a blue-print to success in gaining back your confidence and happiness like you deserve!


Announcing Break Free From The Affair… Your Proven Blue-Print To Taking Back Your Confidence and Happiness… Starting Now!


This is exactly what I did when I found this resource… I decided to take a stand and claim back what was always mine! 

From A-Z, Dr. Huizenga goes over exactly what you need to do…

Break Free From The Affair is for you if…

... You want to quickly end the agony and victimized feeling that plagues you day and night

... You want to get your “old self” back with the happiness you used to experience

... You want to understand why your partner had the affair… so that you can know him better than he knows himself

... You want to take complete control and dominate over the situation and relationship… so that you never have to put up with this crap again


If this is you, then you need to follow this blue-print!


You Get The 7-Step Formula To Take Back Control, Break Free From The Affair… And Find Happiness Again!


The 'Break Free From The Affair' Formula…

Step 1 of 7:  Understanding That The Affair Is Not Your Fault

This may seem obvious to you depending on how you feel right now… but truly understanding this will free your heart inside and help to stop feeling so controlled by your emotions. 

In this section, you get to gain back a lot of your lost self-confidence, while giving yourself a new feeling of power and control over your life and happiness… this is the most crucial first step.


Step 2 of 7: Pinpointing The Type Of Affair You Are Facing

This is the next critical step in the process of breaking free from the affair… because your next steps will be dependent on the type of affair happening. 

You will discover the 7 different kinds of affairs and how to address each one so that you don’t crack the eggshells you’re walking on… and so that you are able to break free fast!

Each type is defined by the excuse your partner’s using… and it’s all revealed inside.


Step 3 of 7: Understanding What Drives Your Partner To Disrespect You With An Affair

In here, Dr. Huizenga explains how an affair is basically an act of “temporary insanity.”  Here you’ll discover the different motives and how to know your partner better than he knows himself.

See, once you understand your partner and what drives him to disrespect you, it helps you by:

... Allowing you to better reach decisions about the situation
... Developing your next steps more logically
... Making you feel more confident in how you’re going to take back your             happiness


Step 4 of 7: Asking Yourself The Toughest Question…

Now that you have the major first steps covered, you are much more likely to avoid the major pitfalls most people make when trying to take back their happiness and crush the affair… while not feeling guilty that you made the wrong decision.

At this point you’re going to learn how to answer the question…

“Do I really want to be married to (or in a relationship with) this person?”

By going through the previous 3 steps, you’ll feel much clearer in your heart with regard to what you really want… and Dr. Huizenga coaches you through this step as well.

This will give you the feeling of self-respect you deserve and your confidence will be such that you partner will know you are in control now.


Step 5 of 7: Discover What The Realistic Odds Are Of You Saving Your Marriage

This all depends on the type of affair you’re facing… and that’s part of what you learn up until this point in the previous steps.

Dr. Huizenga uses a scale of 1-10 for you to determine if your partner will continue with his disrespectful and selfish behaviors. 

You will learn where your marriage lies using the same rating scale that was derived from years of research on behalf of Dr. Huizenga… making it sound and solid so that you can be certain you are looking at the facts.


Step 6 of 7: Learn How To Predict The Future Of Your Partner’s Behavior

This is based on the scientific research in behavioral patterns by Dr. Huizenga, and reveals the exact trends to look at to determine what will most likely happen in the future… based on the past behavioral patterns of your partner.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few trends you can predict…

... How long the affair will last

... Whether your partner is likely to be involved in a one-night        fling or a long-term affair

... If this affair is just a one-time thing or if more is to come…

... What types of people your partner is likely to become involved         with

... Whether the affair is just sexual or a more deep emotional         affair


Step 7 of 7: How To Increase The Odds Of Saving Your Marriage… (If You Choose To)

This is all the real nuts ‘n bolts never revealed elsewhere.  It’s one thing to know what you’re dealing with… but another to now know HOW to deal with it.

Once you carry out the previous steps, Dr. Huizenga provides and exact outline template of the actions you can take for each type of affair and your situation in particular.

… These are laser-targeted to the exact phrases you can use so that you can feel in control of the situation and go about the whole process with absolute self-confidence.

Included here are '16 Secret Communication Skills' that most people will never know and that you can use to your immediate benefit…

They allow you to ‘dig deep’… using real analyzing methods that are transparent to your partner but highly effective for you.


… And as if this wasn’t enough


You Get Dr. Huizenga’s Four (4) Bonus Gifts FREE… But Only If You Act Now!


Here’s what Dr. Huizenga is going to throw in for free...

Bonus #1: How To “Get Over It” For Good!

This 48-page, hard hitting eBook by Paul and Layne Cutright reveals to you exactly how to take control of the “walking on eggshells” situations to safely and effectively discuss all the awkward and hard-to-talk-about scenarios.


Bonus #2: Cheating Partner Guide

This fully-charged tool is created by a person with massive experience and is a ‘must-have’ resource for anyone who suspects sexual affairs...

It’s jam-packed, with all to-the-point, nuts ‘n bolts that lets you quickly and effectively get to the bottom of your suspicions so that you can carry on breaking free from the affair.



Bonus #3: Break Free Newsletter

This is the Block-Buster Newsletter by Dr. Huizenga that his readers rave about.  In fact, many of the strategies and tactics revealed are the material that will become the next eBooks. 

… But you’ll be getting inside access for FREE!

Revealed in here are tips on stuff like:

... How to keep other things on target in your life despite            your crisis

... ‘Pick-me-ups’ to get you through the really tough days

... How to become connected with other people, friends,            and resources that will help you on your path to getting            back your happiness

... And much more!



Bonus #4: Keep Your Marriage: What To Do When  Your Partner Says, “I Don’t Love You Anymore!”

This amazing eBook is authored by Nancy J Wasson, Ph. D. and Lee Hefner.  Inside they reveal tons of specific stuff on ‘what to do next…’

Just some of what’s covered includes…

... Ten burning questions you MUST ask yourself to know if your marriage is worth saving!

... 21 Major Pitfalls you don’t want to make and how to avoid them

... Action steps to reclaiming your marriage

... And much more!



Total Value of Bonuses: $97!



Plus: You Can Say ‘Yes’ Now… And Decide Later!


See, Dr. Huizenga is so confident that Break Free From The Affair will be the breakthrough you’re looking for that he’ll give you 8 FULL WEEKS to review everything.

Rip it apart and put it to the test… and if you’re not fully satisfied that it will make a monstrous difference in helping you to break free from the affair and get your happiness back… then Dr. Huizenga will refund every penny!


Look: The Truth Is That You Can Be Taking The First Steps Toward Re-Claiming The Happiness You Deserve… Right Now!

You can literally be reading this breakthrough material in a matter of minutes!

Get access to these never-before released, proven tools to help you break free from the affair! 

Look: Now that you know the answer’s just waiting for you, don’t carry out the misery for 4 years like some people.  That’s totally insane! 

Life’s too short! - Be happy now!

Find relief, begin to make sense of it, and learn how to eliminate the agony quickly!


Do Yourself The Most Important Favor You’ll Ever Do!  Take A Stand!  Give Your Happiness And Self-Confidence That Breath Of Fresh Air That Brings You A New-Found Feeling Of Control And Freedom!  Take Action Right Now!


Secure Priority Order Form

Yes, Affiliate Marketer, I Want Access To Break Free From The Affair !

I want to get Break Free From The Affair working for me…. So that I can move on with my life, create happiness and stop the horrible feelings of being taken advantage of.

Affiliate Marketer, I want these easy-to-use, proven methods to help me be in total control of the situation so I can never again be manipulated or made to feel guilty.

Count me in, Affiliate Marketer, get me immediate access to Break Free From The Affair right away!

I understand I get the following:


Automatic access to Break Free From The Affair in a matter of minutes- even if it’s 3 AM!


All of the absolutely amazing bonuses valued at over $97, for FREE, if I act now.


8 FULL WEEKS (56 days!) to review the Break Free From The Affair eBook and decide if it’s truly everything you say it is… and if I decide I don’t like it, I can get a prompt and courteous refund for every penny.

I know that I'm going to discover...

How to stop the agony, rage and frustration that has been plaguing me… for good

The most effective way to answer the most important question I have to ask myself before moving forward

How to identify the warning signs of the affair and catch my partner so the affair can no-longer be denied

How to understand why the affair is happening and why it isn’t my fault

The 7 proven steps to going from start-to-finish on my path back to true happiness

How to gain back my self-confidence and put myself in control of the situation

Exactly what to say and when to say it when confronting my partner

How to avoid the major pitfalls using Dr. Huizenga’s secret weapon so that I can no longer feel manipulated

Exactly how to increase the odds of saving my marriage (if I choose to) while feeling in control of the situation

How to short-cut the whole process so that I can get my happiness back faster while no longer feeling like a victim

I realize that I’m getting all of this incredible material with a retail value of over $197, for the insanely-low investment of just $147 $49.95



Zero Risk
100% Money-Back Guarantee

I understand that I am fully protected- by Dr. Huizenga’s 100% Money Back Guarantee… if, for any reason, within 56 days (8 Weeks!), I am not 100% satisfied that Break Free From The Affair provides me with everything I need to put me in control and back on the path to happiness, I can get a full refund-- I have nothing to lose!


With Sincere Wishes For Your New Happiness,

Affiliate Marketer

PS  Crush those horrible feelings of being the victim!  Win back your happiness by putting into action the '7-Step Formula' in Break Free From The Affair for yourself… Right Now!  Life’s too short! 

PPS  What’s your self-confidence and self-respect really worth?  Stop that gut wrenching feeling at the pit of your stomach...  You deserve better… Don’t become a victim of the usual 4-year-long, hell filled, never-ending nightmare.  Break free from the affair starting right now!